8 Ways to Size Up Your YouTube Competition by VidIQ Tool

We all know YouTube is big enough for all video creators, but you’re still competing for those same views and you need an edge.

8 Strategies For Finding and Assessing Your Competition

1. Make a list of YouTubers you know who make content similar to yours who are roughly the same subscriber size. Watch their content regularly to see what topics they are talking about and what you can learn from them.

2. To find new channels of a similar size to you, use the vidIQ Most Viewed Tool to search for YouTubers (filter by channel size) who are creating popular content.

3. Go to the channel page of these videos and click on the blue trending button to see what videos are performing well right now (as sorted by Views Per Hour). These will likely be the trending topics in your genre right now.
4. Use the Subscriber Analysis tool to discover what other videos and channels your audience is watching.

5. Add all of these YouTubers to our Competitors Tool. You can then compare statistical information and view their high velocity videos at a glance.
6. Set up Email Trend Alerts for channels you follow – these will be included as selection options on the alerts page as you add them to your Competitors Tool list.

7. With all this information you will now have a good understanding of what content makes their audience and your audience tick. Get making videos on those topics!

8. Finally, don’t be afraid to get involved with the communities of these ‘rival’ channels. Rivals can quickly become friends and lead to collaborations where video creators get to share their audiences. 

That’s it for now. Next time we’ll be taking a look at how to prepare you videos for success.

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