8 Wonderful Tips for Growing Your Channel With Trending Topics

What do Pokemon Go, Fidget Spinners, Hot Glowing Knife and the Ice Bucket Challenge all have in common?

At some point in the past these were all super hot YouTube trends and they can give your channel a huge growth injection if you get it right.

Eight Tips and Tricks on How to Ride the Coat-Tails of a Trend

1. Subscribe to YouTube’s auto-generated channels for topics you’re interested in to discover what content is trending right now.

2. When you identify a trend, don’t just copy it. Reshape and mould it into content that defines you as a video creator. Give it a unique twist only you can do!

3. Subscribe to big YouTubers in your area of interest. They are trend setters in themselves and you should adapt their trending content to fit your audience.

4. Some trends can be planned for in advance such as Christmas, new movie trailers, elections, video game releases…. These are called tentpole events. Plan them into your YouTube schedule.

5. Setup Trend Alerts Emails that will notify you of all the best videos being released on a topic. You can schedule the pace of the videos from everyday to every month.

6. Use the VidIQ Most Viewed Tool to search for trending videos from channels of a similar size to yours. They will be adding their own spin on trends to make it work for them.

7. ACT FAST! Trends are fleeting and soon become saturated. If you have an idea on a trending topic don’t mull it over, go for it now!

8. If you have a hit trending video, double-down and make more content as fast as possible. On the flip side, be ready to drop the trend when it tanks.

Next time we’ll look at how to match yourself up against similar channels so you can compete for the right audience no matter how big or small your channel is.

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