All The Winners From Reallusion’s Cartoon Animator Contest 2019

After three months, the 2019 “Animation At Work” Contest for Cartoon Animator (CTA) has come to a close and the winners have been announced.
The contest received hundreds of submissions, including commercials, artworks, and Youtube videos made with Cartoon Animator. It drew participants from all over the world, including movie and video creators, artists and illustrators, marketing specialists, and educators and students — most of whom had little or no previous animation background, thanks to Cartoon Animator’s ease of use at every skill level and for every project mission.

Read on to discover the “Animation At Work” main winners, grouped into four categories: Business Animation, Comic Animation, Education Animation, and Youtuber Animation. For each category, Reallusion chose three winners along with one or two honorable mentions. They also added a Judges’ Awards category to recognize entries that had stunning qualities but didn’t fit into the contest’s existing categories.

Business Animation — 1st Prize

Superheld 101 Scene Outtake
Created by Eon De Bruin for South Africa TV Stations

Winner Eon De Bruin shares his thoughts on winning the contest:
I am so honored to win first place in the Business category in this year’s Animation@Work competition. My entry is part of an animation series called Superheld101, which took me 15 months to create, and I am so excited to see my hard work being appreciated and rewarded. Very humbled.

Comic Animation — 1st Prize

Squangy and Mr Bowlsacc Episode 2
Created by Francesco Tammaccaro, an Italian illustrator and animator

Winner Francesco Tammaccaro shares his thoughts on winning the contest:
I am so happy to see Squangy and Mr Bowlsacc winning the contest again! When I first designed them, I dreamt about creating a full web series with Cartoon Animator 4. Thanks to your support, this is turning into reality!

Education Animation — 1st Prize

The Different City, Say no to racism message
Created by Mohammed Abdullah Sharaf Ebrahim, winner of International ECO Film Festival in Kuala Lumpur, 2019

Winner Mohammed Abdullah Sharaf Ebrahim shares his thoughts on winning the contest:
With this animation in particular, I put my heart into it, maybe because I faced some similar moments. I wanted to send a message that racism is not OK. I love Cartoon Animator 4 for making it possible for me to create what I love since I was a kid, which is animation and 2d short films, and the future works from me will be better.

Youtuber Animation — 1st Prize

La Llorona
Created by Lunacreciente, a YouTube channel of five million subscribers

Judges’ Awards — Top Pick of Judges’ Awards

Young Leonardo
Created by Tom Jantol, film director and animator

Judges’ comment:
Very awesome and creative animations by Tom Jantol. This one caught all the judges’ eye with the 360 Head Character performance. The entry blends 2d and 3d so well. Great job!

Business Animation Winners

2nd Prize: Protection Plus: A Taxing Experience! (Created by Tim Dahn)
3rd Prize: GTS Explainer: Get What You Need (Created by Jim Stedman)
Honorable mention 1: Department of environmental quality promotion (Created by Wasin Mekkit)
Honorable mention 2: Waldi Jones and the Lost Atlantis Gate 2019 (Created by Sven Cordes)

Comic Animation Winners

2nd Prize: Love Lines (Created by Garry Pye)
3rd Prize: Socute & Punch (Created by SamWoo)
Honorable mention: The Treasures Created (Created by Takeyoshi Sugihara)

Education Animation Winners

2nd Prize: Tofu Pudding Uncle (Created by Mindy Change)
3rd Prize: Improve your listening skills (introduction) (Created by Muriel Raes)
Honorable mention: Pet Cat-Cat Snack Show! (Created by You Yi Shun)

Youtuber Animation Winners

2nd Prize: Saint and the Mouse Story (Created by Saptarshi Roy)
3rd Prize: AnJetCat’s new look & Youtube membership! (Created by Hsu I Nou)
Honorable mention: The Triple E Threat (Created by Tomas James Palumbo)

Judges’ Awards Winners

Tilly and the Temple of the Eldritch Rats (Created by Deb Ethier)
Cirque du Cimetière (Created by Tom Jantol)
Tale Mansion (Created by Oral Erlat)
Space the Movie — Blooper Reel (Created by Warwick Hays)

Honorable Guest — Howard Vause
Reallusion also invited Howard Vause as the honorable guest of the contest. He won in the Animation at Work 2018 contest with his piece The Curious Child, made with Cartoon Animator, and featured at numerous film festivals this year. This profound and beautiful animation has been recognized by different awards, including Best Animation Film 2019 at London’s Discover Film Awards.

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