[Cartoon Animator Character] Super Hero #2 – Hulk

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Sold by: Lawrence Studio

Category: SuperHero

Description – Additional Information

Cartoon Animator Character – G3 360

Hulk is a Marvel super hero. He protect people from villains. He’s also handsome and he can use his fist to defeat the enemies

Download includes:

  • G3 360: 90-S-Hulk (.ctTBactor) file
  • G3 360: B-Hulk (.ctTBactor) file
  • G3 360: F-Hulk (.ctTBactor) file
  • G3 360: S-Hulk (.ctTBactor) file
  • 1 Ctashop.com Shortcut
  • 1 Thankyou.txt
  • License key sent by email

Character features

  • Flexible bone system, allowing character to bend and stretch with realistic movement.  Apply the G3 side facing movements for great results, or keyframe for precise control.
  • G3 Head 360 Rotation
  • Full lip synching.
  • Basic Render Style Apply.

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