[Cartoon Animator Tutorial] How to create 360 character

In this tutorial you will learn how to create 360 character and how to anime the character correctly. Very easy to understand for beginner.

You also learn:

1. How to create New Character
2. How to Animate Character
3. Use 2D Motion Key
4. Use Face Puppet
5.  How to use Face Key Editor
6. How to use Use effect
7. How to Transit End Screen Prop
8. How to Animate Camera
9. How to Add Prop from Photoshop
10. Use G3 360 Head Tools
11. How to Add eye or Face of G2 to G3
12. Config or adjust 360 Head Creator
13. Learn more about Template

Cartoon Animator 4 tutorial is very easy, you could follow all these steps in the video and enjoy the result.

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