[FREE ANIMATED PROP] BikePack1 – Animated Crazytalk Animator Prop

Crazytalk Animator 3 Animated Prop

Bikepack1 is an animated bike prop for Crazytalk Animator

Download includes:

  • 6 Animated Props
  • 1 Url shortcut to ctashop.com

Prop pack features

  • Smooth animated prop
  • Require: Crazytalk Animator 3 or higher, Core bundle Pack to remove the Prop watermark.
  • Images Source: FreePik
  • Edited by Lawrence Studio

*** Please credit ctashop.com and FreePik when use for any projects

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7 thoughts on “[FREE ANIMATED PROP] BikePack1 – Animated Crazytalk Animator Prop

  1. Dear Sir;
    When i lunch this Prop on Cartoon Animator v4, the background will show “Cartoon Animator v4” and cover screen, how can i remove it?
    Can you test on Cartoon Animator v4 please?
    Thanks a lot

  2. When i right click on the item, it’s showing have to buy this item & have to buy this pack.
    Please help
    Thanks a lot

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