[FREE ANIMATED PROP] SubmarineOne – Cartoon Animator Animated Prop

Cartoon Animator Animated Prop

SubmarineOne is an animated prop for Cartoon Animator

Download includes:

  • 2 Animated Props (Submarine1 and Lightsub1)
  • 1 PopVideo (Bubble)
  • 1 Sea bottom Background
  • 1 Url shortcut to ctashop.com

Prop pack features

*** Please credit Ctashop.com and FreePik when use for any projects

How to use

Set the SubmarineOne for Docking:

Step1: Click on the SubmarineOne–> Sprite Editor –> click on “Sub1-1”

Step2: Click on the SubmarineOne –> Sprite Editor –> click on the Rotor –> Click “Empty”

Now you got the SubmarineOne when it dock at port.

Set the SubmarineOne for running:

Step1: Right click on the SubmarineOne –> Action menu -> click Rotate

Step2: Set back to frame 1 –> Sprite Editor –> click on “Sub1-2”

What to do next is Link the Lightbase1 to the SubmarineOne at the position you want and right click on it and click “Searching” to turn on the light.

Now you got the SubmarineOne when it discovers the sea. Enjoy! ^-^

*** If you need any supports please feel free to comment below 🙂


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